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"Would you like to learn Arabic - the language of the Qur'an?

Here is the course for you:

  • A classroom based Classical (Fusha) Arabic programme.
  • Beginners to Advanced levels.
  • Based on 3 books and 12 highly structured levels filled with extensive practice in reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary & grammar.
  • Taught by native speakers & qualified teachers.
  • Initial placement test to place you at the right level.
  • Certificate awarded for each level achieved .
  • A blend of regular & intensive courses.
  • Opportunities to consolidate learning by trips to the Arab World and a chance to perform Umrah.

Fees £90.00 for a 30hr course (£3.00/hr)

Textbook £25.00 (book + 8 audio cassettes or a CD)

New courses
From October 2006 Insha'Allah courses will be available in:

Wishing you a blessed Ramadhan 1429 AH/ 2008 AD

رمضان كريم


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