Arabic Live

Arabic Live is a radio broadcast of the course taught by Arabic 4 Adults.

The programme is aired live on Sundays 3.30 - 5.00pm on UnityFM 93.5 Mhz (West Midlands region only) and repeated on Thursdays at 8.00 - 9.30pm

The programme is also streamed live at the UnityFM website on Sundays at the times stated above and repeated on Thursdays. Click here to go to the UnityFM main page or here to go to the UnityFM Listen Live section.

The sessions aired to date are displayed below. Click a numbered link to view lesson objectives, vocabulary or listen to the whole session.

The Lesson number corresponds to the lesson currently being covered from book one of the course  Al-Arrabiya baina Yadaik. The book can be purchased by contacting us on any one of our numbers given under the Contact Us section.

Session number Date broadcast Lesson number
One 04 Feb 2007
Two 11 Feb 2007
Three 18 Feb 2007  
Four 25 Feb 2007  
Five 04 Mar 2007  
Six 11 Mar 2007  
Seven 18 Mar 2007  
Eight 01 Apr 2007  
Nine 15 Apr 2007  
Ten 06 May 2007  
Eleven 13May 2007  
Twelve 27 May 2007  
Thirteen 04 June 2007  
Fourteen 27 June 2007  
Fifteen 04 Nov 2007  

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