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Arabic 4 Adults  is a comprehensive Arabic course designed for the beginner to the intermediate. The course covers all the aspects of the classical Arabic language in a highly organised and stimulating manner.



The course relies on the book Al-Arabiyya Baina Yadaik which comes as a set of three, each of which is accompanied by audio CDs or cassettes. Each book is colour-packed and focuses extensively on reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar in a clear concise format. The books contain numerous chapters which cover aspects of everyday life, Islamic history, biographies of the Prophets and companions, and contemporary issues. In addition, the student has numerous exercises to attempt at the end of each chapter which help develop the essential skills of the language.


Click on the links below for a text or audio sample from each book. To open the PDF files you need to have Adobe Reader installed. You can download a free version from here .

Some files are large and may take time to download if you have a slow connection. Please be patient.


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Course Fees

Region /hour /30hr course
London 5 150
Other locations 3 90



Bring friends/family and enjoy the following discounts:

Category Number of students registering together Discount London

/30hr course

Other locations

/30hr course

      Fees before discount Fees after discount Fees before discount Fees after discount
A 3 5% 150 142.50 90 85.5
B 4 6% 150 141 90 84.6
C 5 7% 150 139.50 90 83.7
D 6-7 8% 150 138 90 82.8
E 8-9 9% 150 136.50 90 81.90
F 10 10% 150 135 90 81



The course uses three books, each costing 25. You only need to buy one book at a time depending on the level you are entered for. Each book is accompanied with audio files. Book 1 audio is on cassettes whilst Book 2 and 3 audio files are on CD.


Click here to go to the registration page where you can either download and print a form or apply online.

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